Top 7 Biggest Myths About Weight Loss

Myths About Weight Loss

Weight loss Myths

Weight Loss? Is it your nightmare too like it is for almost more than half of the population in the world?

A very common discussion topic among all age group starting from a teenage to a 70+ old person. People are worried about their health and related issues which it brings in.

In the process of losing the extra fat or some pounds on our body which looks like big built up and not so easy to do away with we land up doing things which proves to be harmful to our own self and constitutes a myth that if we do this we will lose weight easily or if we eat that we will lose weight easily. However, these are myths we hold within our brains.

Let’s look at the 7 Biggest Myths about Weight loss in this article which you would be amazed to know:

Starving Yourself through skipping meals or going for diet plans:

Most of the girls especially before any event or party to fit into their gown and dresses have this myth that if we skip our 2 or 3 meals we will be in shape and fit perfectly in the outfit.

Also, the same applies when you plan your weight loss program you tend to start skipping the basic meals. However, this is a biggest hindrance to our metabolism. We do not starve ourselves of food but starve our metabolism and body mechanism with the necessary nutrients and energy it requires to keep itself functioning.

To shed weight the good way is to break your eating in more portions with small quantity.  The diet plans of any type when followed may give you required results however, once you leave it the weight increase will shoot up to almost double.

Radial Exercise Regime:

It is said that you need to burn more calories than you consume which is equivalent to eat less and move more. However, the myth holds untrue as being overweight is just not any more a factor of eating too much or not doing enough physical activity. This relates to physiological and biochemical reasons too and could be an outcome of those factors rather than just eating too much and not burning it.

Eat Breakfast to Lose Weight:

Our body composition is such that studies say that after a long gap of sleep our body is out of nutrition the next day hence breakfast helps to give fuel to the body to make it work for the day. It also implicates that if you have good breakfast you are most likely to have a healthier lifestyle. This may be true to an extent however recent searches shows that eating breakfast or skipping it may not impact your body weight in the long run. All we need is to eat right and when we are hungry!

Obese people are less likely to be healthy that thin people:

This myth is false as the diseases which an obese can have like type 2 diabetes, blood pressure or may be heart disease can still be diagnosed in a thin person.  Obese people do have a high rate of falling prone to such diseases and at the same time may have healthy metabolism which keeps them healthy. On the other hand, it may not be true for a lean person.

Carbohydrates makes you Fat:

Carbohydrates makes you Fat

The myth is whatever of carbohydrate makes us fat or increase weight rapidly. However, it’s just not true completely. The carb which are refined and processed like in Sugar causes weight gain against the carb found in whole food are good for health.

 Losing Weight is a downline process:

When any one of us start of weight loss the common misconception all of us hold is that our body will lose weight on a downward slope. However, this may not be the case. Our body during this entire process may show up like on some days or weeks you may find yourself losing weight and after that putting on some pounds back. This can be fluctuating mere of the fact that what our body stores in. Like for a long time it may have lot of water retention or may have stored lot of food which can make you feel put on. The bottom line is keep going if the sign shows of weight loss as eventually in the long run it will show results.

 The BMI Factor:

BMI Factor

Many of us thinks that our body is overweight or has too much stored in. However, the BMI if followed properly with the type of body size and height you have you may see that there are few things in your body which is overly accumulated and must be balanced. The BMI may be different for each body type. So even if you are little overweight it’s okay if it has good ratio of bone and muscle weight than the unwanted piled up fats it works well.