Top Gorgeous Wedding Makeup looks Tips

After an eternality of planning, when finally you’re big day comes and everything looks like the way you dreamt it. All you have to do is get ready and steal the show. Among all those bigger concerns, brides usually tend to undermine the need of planning their makeup looks. However, when all eyes are on you, you should not look less than perfect.

So, with all other things, make sure to plan your wedding look in advance. Before we get into this further, let me mention how important it is to have pre-wedding skin treatment. You can do it yourself at home, all you have to do is to take care of your skin and stay moisturized.

With few tips and tricks, you can look flawless. To make sure, you don’t have to go through the hassle of all the research, we have compiled a list of best makeup looks, you can choose from. Do not forget your dress and jewelry when deciding your look.

So, here are some of the makeup looks tips for brides-

Bold red lips

Maybe, it’s a cliché, but a simple red lipstick can make the bride look marvelous. If you are going for a more glam look, red lips will do the trick. If your lips are a prominent feature of your face, it’s even better. If you are going for this look, you should probably go slow on eye makeup. You can still do eye makeup, just avoid bold eye shadow. That might make your makeup look overdone. However, if you are someone, who likes makeup, you don’t have anything to fear of and you can go for eye shadow too.

Shimmering golden look

A shimmery gold shade will look perfect for you if you have warm undertone. You should go for all golden look with golden jewelry as well. If want to try something different, go for golden eye makeup. You could do golden eye shadow, golden eyeliner or you can put gold eyes shadow with black eyeliner. Avoid wearing a dark color lipstick with these looks, because that would undermine the golden look.

Bronze look

This is one of the most popular look among brides. This is because bronze look gives your look a healthy, glowing and natural finish. So, if you want to glow, and at the same time want to look natural, the bronze look is the way to go for you. This look will be perfect for you, if you are having a summer wedding.

Smoky eyes

If you are someone, who likes to wear eye makeup a lot, feel free to do smoky eyes. However, be careful with rest of your makeup though. You might not want your makeup look mis-match. You can wear mascara or even use extensions. Make sure get the smoky eyes done from someone who knows what they are doing. This is a little tricky, and can spoil your look if not done correctly.

Use the highlighter

Go hard with highlighter and use the eyeliner, keep the rest of the look natural. You need to use the highlighter in such way that, it highlights your best features. Use it across the check bones to make them look more prominent. You could also use the highlighter under your brows and on your nose. Use some on your color bones if you are wearing something that is exposing your skin.

Fake lashes and bold eyes

Now, fake lashes have been the trend of the year so far. So, why don’t wear some fake lashes for your big day. Fake lashes make your eyes look bigger and beautiful. Moreover, you can hire best bridal makeup artist in Jaipur and you can opt for a bold eye makeup as well. Whether you go for dark eye shadow or smoky eyes, it will go perfectly with fake lashes.


If you are a fan of eye makeup, especially, liner; this is the tip for you. Wear winged liner for your big day. However, use light eyes shadow with it.

Go natural

Yes, this can be a beautiful look for a bride. If you are not a big fan of the makeup, you are not obligated to wear it on your wedding day as well. It is important that your base makeup is done perfectly so that you skin looks glowing and flawless.

So, plan your look for your big day.  Don’t go for something which you saw looking good on somebody else. Choose your look according to your skin tone, features and personality. Make sure to try it on before the wedding. Keep in mind, the season; some looks are for certain weather. That been said, pick your look for wedding and wear it confidently. It’s your day, you and your partner are the stars of the evening, and rest is just a beautiful background.