The 12 best ways to Maintain Weight Loss

Congratulations! How does it feel? Great right? Hard work does give results. You should pat your back as losing weight is not everyone’s cup of tea. I know you might have struggled a hell lot to achieve this and you deserve every bit of this fabulous figure. Now you can flaunt it without any hesitation and show the world that you could do it. But wait, remember to maintain as you know by now how much it takes to shred even half a kg. So if you don’t ever want to see that harsh phase of your life again, then you have to take precaution throughout your life because unfortunately 90 percent of the people who shred their weight have been seen gaining more weight than ever.

So it should be very straight in your head that now you will have to at any cost maintain what you have achieved. As it is defined by now that “Prevention is better than cure,” let’s take a look at some of the best ways to maintain  weight loss throughout your life.

1. Weigh yourself Regularly

Weigh yourself regularly

Observing your weight on a daily basis would keep you updated about your body which shall prove to be the best help when even a pound increases. If it does, then you’ll take efforts immediately and hence reduce that one pound shall not be as difficult as shredding kilos.

2. Reward Yourself

Reward yourself

You have come a long way not to be deprived of something. So instead of not eating what you crave for would demotivate you and you shall end up in few weeks eating more than ever. Hence it is always advised to reward yourself three to four meals in a week once you have achieved your target. But at the same time remember to stick to a healthy diet during the rest of your meal as we don’t want to gain back the lost weight.

3. Hydrate Your Body

Hydrate your body

Keep yourself hydrated all day. It will stop the water retention in your body, and the body shall flush out the toxins present in your body along with the water. This process also helps to increase the metabolism rate and hence once the waste flushes out of the body regularly, your skin shall look fresh all day long.

4. Eat The Same Number Of Meals While The Portion Small

Eat the same number of meals

Remember you used to eat small portions and many meals during your weight loss regime? Please don’t ever stop that as its the best way to live a healthy life. Small meals keep your body active by regularly using the energy obtained by meals. It also has a direct effect on the metabolic rate. When you overload your stomach, the body has to take pains while struggling with the digestion process.

As everyone is lazy, so is our body and hence it quickly starts storing the fat instead of breaking them down. What happens when you take small meals is that the body keeps its digestion process on thinking that it’s a small portion and let’s digest it faster and relax. So keep your portions small and increase your meal to keep your body fit.

5. Exercise To Maintain Weight Loss


Don’t stop your activities. Though you are allowed to reduce the time allotted and reduce hardcore activities, but that never means to cut them down completely. 30 mins walk five days a week is highly recommended to maintain weight loss. If possible 20 mins walk daily can serve best.

6. Focus On Process and Not On Outcome

While one begins to lose weight, he concentrates on the issue, but and then thinks of the desired process. But when it comes to weight maintenance, the process is to be looked deeply into rather than the outcome. Small steps will keep your goal of maintenance of weight stable.

7. Be consistent

Who likes on and off diets? It’s always better to have a target weight and keeping the same constant. In the same way, you will have to balance your desires of craving unhealthy food often. Everything has a limit and sticking to the same brings happiness.

8. Bring sustainable changes in life

Why people fail to keep their body healthy is because they keep unrealistic diet plans. How is that ever going to be possible? In the long run, you shall fail and be back to square one. Do not be over restrictive to food. Enjoy it in portions. Staying consistent and making healthy changes in life shall help you gain success throughout the life.

9. Get enough sleep

Get enough sleep

Sleep is related to weight which is what hardly people pay attention. Deprivation of sleep has added extra fat in adults. When one sleeps less, he feels tired to do any activity in the entire day. No exercise, bad food habits, laziness, etc. Inadequate sleep further leads to rising of hunger hormones. So everyone needs 7 to 8 hours of rest to help weight maintenance and keep energy levels up combined with keeping hormones under control.

10. Lift weights

Lift weights

Lifting weights twice a week have proved scientifically to maintain weight by preserving the muscles built during the weight loss process which helps to sustain a healthy metabolism.

11. Lower alcohol intake

Lower alcohol intake

Alcohol is the primary source of increasing weight. One loves to drink, but forgets the hazards it brings to the body. So drinking twice a week will keep your body weight under control. Also, twice a week would not mean drinking bottles on those days. Limiting the portion is also important.

12. Don’t forget your accomplishment

When you require a confidence boost, reward yourself by going to the mall and shop for the best clothes out these. See they fit you, right? Love your figure? Then maintain it. Don’t start hogging more and exercising less. You are not a member of plus sizes anymore. So be happy and maintain  weight loss throughout.