13 Impressive Health Benefits of Apples

Fruits are nature’s gift to mankind, which serve as medicines and are essential for growth, development and overall wellness. An apple is one of the most grown fruits. It is grown in the autumn season and there are more than 7000 varieties of Apple in the world. Apple are used for making juices, vinegar, sauces, cider and many more.  An apple is a fruit that keeps the doctor away. It is one of the best fruits to maintain a healthy lifestyle. There are Top 13 Health Benefits of Apples

1. Nutritional Powerhouse

Apple is considered as a nutritional powerhouse. It is rich in vitamin C, almost half of vitamin C is found in the skin of an apple so it is suggested to eat an apple with the skin. Vitamin C boosts the body‘s resistance against infection. It is rich in B complex vitamins maintaining RBC and helps in maintaining hemoglobin level.

2. Apple beats Cancer

The antioxidant content in apple help to prevent cancer. The consumption of apple specially reduces lung cancer.

3. Rich in Minerals

Apples also carry minerals like potassium, calcium and phosphorous. Potassium helps  to control heart rate and blood pressure prevents against the bad influence of sodium.

4. Good for weight loss

 As apples are rich in fiber and water. It speeds up metabolism and burns the calories quicker.

5. Heart Diseases

 Apple lowers the level of cholesterol in the body, prevent against the cardiovascular disease.

6. Dental care

Eating apple helps in the cleaning gums and teeth. It prevents cavities in the teeth and when we eat apples, fiber cleanses the teeth and its antibacterial properties keep away  virus and bacteria from the infection.

 7. Prevent weakness

Apples are very beneficial to remove weakness and add energy, vitality and vigor to weak people. It is, therefore, often advisable for patients eat an apple a day to recover quickly from illness. It helps in detoxification and improving overall health of a body. The antioxidant and protein prevent weakness and improves muscle tone.

8. Good digestive health

Apple improves health by maximizing nutrient uptake and eliminate harmful bacteria and toxins. One of the most important fact that beneficial bacteria living throughout our body, so apple specifically improves the bacteria living inside our large intestine.

9. Helps to fight against Asthma

Apple helps to protect the lungs from oxidative damage. Apple skin contains Quercetin, which helps to regulate the immune system and reduces inflammation.

10. Protect against stomach injury

 The freeze dried apple extract help to protect the cells of stomach injury due to NSAID s.

11. Prevents from Stroke

Individuals who ate apple had the lowest risk of suffering a stroke due to the compound called phytonutrients found in apple.

12. Good for Skin

Apple hydrates and cleanses the skin. It has ante aging benefits, eliminates fine line and wrinkles. It helps to get rid of acnes, blemishes and dark spots.

13. Improves Eyesight

Velvet Apple improves eyesight and reduces night blindness as it contains high amount of vitamin A. Due to its overall benefits as compared to other fruits, Apple is considered as the ‘’king of fruits ‘’