Lime Crime Makeup Puts The Perfect Pops Of Color Into Spring Beauty Trends

Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian West both swear by highlighter for the ultimate in razor-sharp cheekbones.

Mila Kunis and Priyanka Chopra are often photographed wearing shades of purple shadow for their unforgettable eyes.

These are two of the hottest springtime trends making waves this season, according to a report by the Reporter Expert. The beauty publication listed Lime Crime makeup as one of the leading brands to usher in the gorgeousness of the warmer months when fashion and beauty premiere new looks and ideas.

Doe Deere is the glamorous CEO and founder of the cruelty-free and vegan cosmetics brand that has quickly developed into a leader of trendy, non-conforming makeup.

In other words, her line of products not only have an ethical philosophy and undergo an ethical manufacturing process, but her palettes are unique, modern and designed for the contemporary woman in mind.

In some ways, Lime Crime makeup is rebellious, bold and playful, and it’s always made with high-quality ingredients. The brand’s highlighters have become very popular with today’s trends of sculpted faces, and no one else does iridescence quite like Doe Deere.

At the moment, the beauty label is featuring five Hi-Lites compact kits. These palettes come in triplets and accent your bone structure beautifully. Best of all, the highlighters are exquisite on every skin tone.

The Blossoms kit, for example, features a warm gold, lavender and sunset palette that is sexy and silky-light to the touch. Just dust Hi-Lites over your cheek, brow bone, all over the lid, cupid’s bow, nose bridge and tip of the nose, suggests their e-commerce website. You can achieve that chic Hollywood glow in mere seconds.

Hi-Lites look fabulous over foundation or bare skin. Either way, this is a spring trend that is basically goof-proof in applying. Just dust some on, and watch your bone structure come alive.

The color purple is another major trend for fashion, home design and beauty, and Doe Deere is all over this one. The beauty guru has always fancied the shade and even dyes her long, wavy hair violet when she pleases.

If you’re eager to bring a pretty pop of color to your tresses, her Unicorn Hair tints are all the rage and developed with safe, gentle formulas.

Purple tones are always classic and modern; it’s a universal shade that never looks dated. Doe Deere’s brand has created a showstopping eyeshadow kit in her newest Venus Palette sequel. It’s called the Venus 3 Palette, and it’s got the purple haze that every grunge gal has been searching for.

The brand new kit comes with the signature 8-shade eyeshadow pans in easy, glide-on textures. Girlie-girls will not be disappointed with this glamorous batch.

The shades include Dreamy (muted matte pink), Beam (pink with silver sparkly reflects), Heavenly (pinkish gold shimmer), Rapture (light pink shimmer), Ecstasy (matte wine), Paradise (purple shimmer), Bliss (dark rusted pink) and Beloved (matte mauve).

It’s time to get Lime Crime pretty, everyone!