How to Get Rid of Diaper Rashes?

The diaper rashes grow in moist, warm places. They may look like red scales in the genital area for your baby, or red splotches on the bottom area of the baby.

What are the Causes of Diaper Rashes?

  • Antibiotics consumed by your baby
  • Irritation from urine and stool
  • Sensitive skin of your baby
  • New products or foods Very tight and uncomfortable diaper

If you are worried about your baby’s diaper rashes, then keep reading for home remedies which will help.

Coconut Oil

Anti-fungal and moisturizing properties of coconut oil make it an amazing home remedy for rash. You need to use coconut oil on the baby’s bottom whenever you change the diaper. After that, leave the oil for soaking completely.

For the cure of severe diaper rash, you need to mix 2-3 drops of tea tree in coconut oil and then use this solution on the affected area.

 Never Use Talcum Powder

Several mothers use talcum powder in order to keep the kid’s bottom moisture free.

•    Many powders contains harmful chemicals which may cause skin allergy in kids.
•    Inhaling the powder is harmful to the kids.

Breast Milk

Breast milk is a type of the cure-all for kid and mother. It helps your baby thrive and grow as well as cure common skin ailments kids and mothers have to face.

It can be utilized to cure diaper rash. You need to apply a small amount of your breast milk onto the diaper rash. After that, leave the milk to dry on the affected area. Several mommies’ will claim that breast milk has worked better than any other product.

 Naked Baby

Let your kid go without a diaper for short periods of time. It will be the best method to cure a rash. You should keep the diaper off for 1 hour after each diaper change. It can help the diaper rash air out and enable for a faster healing process.

Dry The Cloth Diaper In Sun Heat

Don’t dry the cloth diaper in the washing machine’s dryer.  You should dry diapers in airy areas or on in the sun. It decreases the chances of growth of fungi and bacteria.

Never Use Tight Diapers

If you are using tight- fitting diaper for your baby. It will cause constant friction on the baby’s skin, which leads to infection and irritation. In order to allow some air flow, you should choose large sized or loose diapers.

Change The Diaper Brand

The rash is caused in few kids due to the chemicals used in the specific brand of diaper. So, you should change the brand and check if the rash is disappearing.

You Should Consult with Doctor When:

  • Redness in the baby’s bottom skin
  • You observe symptoms of a yeast infection
  • You notice honey-colored crusty areas, yellow and fluid-filled bumps. It could be a bacterial infection, which needs antibiotics.
  • Your kid seems sluggish or has a fever.
  • The diaper rash gets worse
  • A swollen red rash with white lesions and scales
  • Small red pimples

If your baby becomes difficult to get rid of this problem or seems to be in pain from rash, then you should consult with the pediatrician.